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Metal Fortune Bat

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Fortune Bat is pronounced as Fu which is the meaning of good luck in China. It is standing on two peach. And peach is also the symbol of longevity. Two Chinese coins were bitten in the bat's mouth, which is the manifestation of gathering wealth.

Fortune Bat is one of the manifestation of flying star One White, the lucky star which in control of relationship and wealth. In 2014, displaying this metal Fortune Bat in the SW can enhance the wealth fortune.

In the other hand, auspicious star Six White, which represents great power and authority, locates in the West in 2014. This star can be well developed by the help of fortune bat, because according to the flying star theory, the star Six White and One White make a powerful enhancement in official rank. Place it in the West in 2014 is the best choice for whom are engaging official work.

The Metal Fortune Bat is made of copper and the dimension of it is approx. 3 1/8" x 1 1/4" x 2 3/4"

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