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More Yang than Yin Keychain

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This gorgeous bejeweled keychain features the yin-yang (Tai Ji) harmony symbol with more yang than yin. The beautiful keychain is meant to enhance its owner’s yang energy, and is perfect for protection against the Yin House Star brought by the 24 Mountain Stars, or for those who have lacking yang energy.

The yin yang symbol is a major component of feng shui and Taoism; yin and yang symbolize harmony, unity, peace, and compromise. With a yin and yang symbol displayed in a room, it will bring its owner internal peace, strong relationships with others, and a composed mindset. The yin and yang represents keeping life in balance, and a clear distinction between right and wrong. Yin yang symbols are believed to help guide their owners to a disciplined and harmonious life, with universal peace and a righteous character.

The dimension of the feng shui "More Yang than Yin" amulet keychain is approx. 3 3/4"" in length. The diameter of "More Yang than Yin" itself is approx. 1 1/2".  is made of alloy embedded with gems.

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