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Pair of Feng Shui Foo Dogs

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This pair of Chinese Foo Dogs is decorated with exquisite detailing, vibrant colors, and a Chinese idiom wishing good fortune and prosperity.

Feng Shui Fu dogs are also called foo dogs. “Foh” in Chinese means Buddha, and these legendary animals are widely seen in front of Buddhist temples, palaces, homes, and homes of the royal. Because of their strength and legendary power, Foo dogs are also commonly embroidered on robes of ancient Chinese royalty and officials.  

These beautiful creatures are considered sacred in Buddhism and Chinese culture, and are a symbol of wisdom, protection, power and positive chi. These lion-like creatures are often found as a pair. The male lion often holds a scroll or a globe: symbolizing worldly connections and protection. The female lion, on the other hand, is often holding a child, and represents harmony and peace in the family. Foo dogs are believed to guard against evil spirits and harmful chi from entering the house. 

How to place Foo Dogs?

  • They are displaced (facing outside) at either sides of the main door, hall way or raised high up on both sides of the main gate, stairs or escalator.
  • The male is often placed on the left (from the inside of your premise looking out), and the female is placed on the right

Dimension: approx. 5 3/8" x 1 15/16" x 2 1/4" .   This item includes 2 Fu Dogs with one wooden like stand (glued together).

Material: Resin, Gold dyed

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