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Pouch Shaped Safety Charm with 5-Color Tassels and Strings

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This beautiful pouch shaped red cloth charm embroidered with beautiful pictures, such as tangerine, has Chinese Words Pin An in one side and Fu on the reverse side. Pi An has the meanings of safety and Fu is the good luck blessing. Carry or hang such safety charm for safety and good luck. Especially it is very good for who need to travel frequently.

The string and tassel are used 5 colors strings. 5 Colors strings stand for 5 elements in feng shui. They enhance this charm's power and its beauty.

How to hang it?
  • You can hang it everywhere except toilet and bathroom in your house. Or carry it with you

Dimension: It is like a pouch. The dimension of it is approx. 12" x 3" x 1".

Material: Embroidery cloth

Feng Shui Import

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