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Sephardic Tallit Pure Wool Prayer Shawl with Thick Handmade Tzitzit and Net Fringe

Original price $216.64 - Original price $252.43
Original price
$216.64 - $252.43
Current price $216.64
Size: 140x190cm / 55"x75"

This Sefardic tallit represents the last word in tradition and beauty. Made from 100% pure wool, it features white on white stripes and delicate flower embroidery on the atarah (neckband). The stunning highlight is the handmade net fringe at the base. This exclusive tallit will add beauty to your prayers.

Look through the various accessories that are available. They include embroidery, kippot and plastic bags to protect your tallit and tefillin.


Brand: Talitania
100% Kosher
Material: Wool
Made in ISrael

Ajudaica Designs

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