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Singing Bowl with 8 Auspicious Objects

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Singing bowl is well known for space clearing. It can produce sensational vibrations to clean the environment. This beautiful high quality singing bowl has 8 auspicious objects on it. They can enhance good energy from 8 different locations and transform bad chi into auspicious energy.

8 auspicious objects are Tibetan 8 auspicious objects, are Canopy, Golden Fishes, Jar, Lotus, Conch, Mystic Knot, Victory Bell and Wheel of Transmigration. You can view the meanings of 8 Auspicious Objects.

How to Do Space Clearing?
Place the singing bowl on the cushion, then simply tap the side of the bowl using the wooden mallet and rub the mallet around the sides of the singing bowl. The sound of the bowl will give you a comfortable feeling and clarity of mind.

The singing bowl is made of 7 different kinds of metal. It has a very nice sound with better and longer vibration. The size of the singing bowl is approx. 4 1/4" in the diameter and 2 1/2" in height. It comes with one wooden mallet and soft cushion.

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