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Talitnia Malchut Wool Non Slip Tallit Prayer Shawl Black Stripes - Optional Handmade Tzitzit Strings

Original price $150.95 - Original price $226.14
Original price
$150.95 - $226.14
Current price $150.95
Size: 140x180cm / 55"x72" - Without Tzitzit

We recommend this tallit for those who want a top quality product that is comfortable for wear and prayer. It is made of fine wool thread and the unique Talitania weaving process ensures that it is non-slip and will sit firmly on your shoulders. It is available in two traditional color patterns: black-white or white-white. This special line is fittingly called “Malchut” which means “royalty”.
The tallit comes without tzitzit - you can choose with option of tying Ashkenaz thick handmade tzitzit.


Brand: Talitania
Material: Wool
Made in Israel
100% Kosher

Ajudaica Designs

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