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Toad Charms-Blue

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Money Frog is an auspicious symbol of good fortune. It is said to be the most conducive to attract wealth.

How to place toad charm?
  • hang the toad charm near the front door
  • Or hang it at one of the corner of the house (Diagonal corner is the best)
  • For those have business/shop, they can hang it near the cash register
  • For those who want to invite more wealth to the house, they can hang as many (not more than 9 frogs) as three-legged toad (money frog) as they wish.

Dimension: approx. 24" in length

Material: hand made string frog with bamboo basket

Color may be different from the picture shown in here.

Price is for one. Since this picture is for variant items, picture may be different from the title. We will ship you the one same as the title name.

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