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Tree Agate Tumbled Polished Natural Stone

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Tree agate is capable of creating a peaceful environment. It represents growth and accumulation. It helps one to find his own rhythm of life, to be able to synchronize his growth into the pattern of a bigger environment. It promotes creativity and inspiration.

On a physical level, tree agate helps to correct anything in our body system that with branches, for instances, blood vessels, nerves.

In the year of 2014, one can display eight pieces of tree agates in the north of one's house to usher in blissful luck and generate happiness in life. One can also display 6 pieces of tree agates in the center of the house to stimulate creative energy and bring more inspirations into his life.

The tree jasper tumbled polished natural stone has grade A and it has medium size. Each of gemstone is approx. 1".

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