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Wen Chang Education Amulet

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This education amulet has the image of Confucius who was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher in 551 BC - 479 BC. He is the ancestor of Confucianism. In ancient China, all children were required to pray Confucius at their first school day in order to have better education and smart mind.

There is one star is called Wen Chang star that is in charge of education. People are intelligent if they are such Wen Chang star by calculating their Four Pillars. In Feng Shui, carrying/hanging such Wen Chang Education Amulet can activate Wen Chang Star.

On the back of this Wen Chang are the images of food which has same phonetic meaning of Good Luck. Cabbage is for opportunities; Onion for intelligence; Garlic for ma thematic skills; Celery for determination; Lotus for new beginnings; Cooking Oil for perseverance and Steamed Rice Cake for achievement.

How to Use it?
You can carry such feng Shui Wen Chang Education all times or hang it on the wall near you work/study.

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